Friday, April 16, 2010

Some things that inspire me.

1. flat colors
2. vibrating colors
3. fashion
4. music (hip hop,rock,r&b,jazz,blues)
5. comics
6. animation
7. Takashi Murakami
8. Lesean Thomas
9. Seung kim
10. D-pi (artist)
11. inking
12. line art
13. anatomy
14. japanese woodblock prints
15. japanese pop art culture
16. graffiti
17. tattoos
18. abstract paintings
19. concept art
20. storyboards
21. cathedral fresco paintings (ceilings)
22. sculpture
23. martial arts
24. photography
25. philosophy


J.Mason said...

I forgot to put this in the post but basically my concept is a 2 page comic.
its about two ninjas who rival and fight to kill each other in an urban enviroment.
Its kind of like the spy vs spy comics that used to be in the mad magazine. One of the ninja is dressed in a black outfit and the other white.
Woodblock prints will be used as a reference somewhat.

Kali Ciesemier said...

Hey Jordan, I've been saying this to everyone who's said they want to do a comic, but what many people don't realize is they take A LOT of time and planning. If you're interested in doing a comic you can do a comic, but I want to see good sketches on Tuesday (with backgrounds!!!) for all the pages. Writing your own story may take time, so sometimes it's helpful to draw upon existing stories/myths/songs to use as your inspiration. (Also, challenging yourself to do a comic without any dialogue is good) If you end up not wanting to do a comic, you could do 2 or 3 epic showdown scenes in an urban environment--like a yakuza battle or something, inspired by woodblock prints.

J.Mason said...

I totally see what your saying.
character designs took much longer than expected and i have been stumped on how to go about with each scene in the comic.

I think ill go with the showdown scenes because it will go much quicker as even though ive come up with designs i still havent finalized them.

i think the showdown scenes will work much better.