Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Animals are hard but fun! These unfortunately aren't from real life; they're based on various youtube videos (Kali, if you'd like me to do more from real life, I'd be happy to! Just let me know). The animals depicted, vaguely from top to bottom, are a pangolin, an axolotl, an okapi, a shiba inu, a millipede, and a giant centipede. Yup.


Kelsey Sunday said...

memes and axolotls ftw

i love the different choices you made~ the axolotl was semi-expected out of you, but i wouldn't even think of bugs. especially centipedes. [oh wait, giratina]

nice motion going on with these, and a variety of poses/angles which is good. from life is always much better of course, but there aren't pangolins on mt royal, so i almost forgive you.

Katherine McDermott said...

but the zoo is so pricey Kelsey

ALSO DON'T EVEN GIRATINA actually it was because Xanthe had a crazy big centipede in her room.