Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Guys, first off, you are blog superstars! I go through and read all the comments you make-- great participation & advice. Keep it up, I'm so proud of you! Also, everyone was fantastic with their individual crits in class for the self portrait assignment. You all deserve a pat on the back!

For Class next week: Your final mythological piece, printed out!

For the Blog: 5 1-2 minute (or more) observational drawings of animals. Sit outside, watch the birds/squirrels/dogs, or draw your pets, or go to the zoo! (if you go to the zoo or something, feel free to draw MORE, it will be great reference for the future!)
Jillian Tamaki gives some great advice about drawing animals from observation-- draw what you SEE, not what you THINK you see. Animals look weird, and sometimes we gloss over their details because we're thinking too much about what we think they should look like. Good advice for observational drawing in general. Disconnect your brain.

sketchbook copyright Karen Klassen
BOOK BY ITS COVER: Sketchbooks
Ever want to take a peek at a bunch of different talented artists' sketchbooks?? This site makes it possible! Sooooo many to choose from.

If any of you are like me, and wish you had a giant wood paneled library full of rare treasures and gorgeous books, you will love BiblioOdyssey. They scour the internet and come up with beautiful forgotten things, put up by libraries/universities/people around the world. Anything from beautiful illuminated manuscripts to demon engravings to 1800's japanese toy designs to nuclear reactor wall art to vintage opera costume designs to victorian infographics. Something new and interesting all the time! You can search or browse their archives for specific types of images too, which can be very useful.

Finally, I'm sure many of you have seen Alphonse Mucha's posters (we looked at some in class), but his sketches are also beautiful. There is currently a thread on (also a great place to find digital painting demos and advice) that is dedicated to sharing his sketches and some of his paintings. Check it out here!

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