Monday, April 26, 2010


Wow, time flies! It's already the end of the semester!
I made a timeline for you guys so you know what we did and when we did it, in case you need to organize your stuff!

Jan 19-- 1st class, Homework: Noun/Verb sketch due next week. Blog: Favorite food in Photoshop.

Jan 23-- Homework: Noun/Verb final due next week. Blog: Room thumbnails

Feb 2-- In class: Add texture to Noun/Verb final. Homework: Sketches for Valentines Zoo/Aquarium event poster due next week. Blog: 8 Tone sketches

Feb 9-- SNOW DAY Blog Assn: Favorite pet experiment in Illustrator

Feb 16-- Homework: Final Valentines poster due next week. Blog: Pick 2 proverbs and draw them.

Feb 23-- In class: B&W "Mysterious Happenings in Room 13". Homework: Shakespeare Sketches due next week. Blog: 5 hands, 5 minutes, 5 diff. mediums

Mar 2-- Homework: Another week to work on Shakespeare sketching/coloring. Blog: 15 blind contours

Mar 9-- In class: Shakespeare Spot. Homework: Shakespeare final, due after Spring Break. No blog assn!


Mar 23-- Homework: Non-traditional self portrait due next week. Blog: 3 traditional self portraits

Mar 30-- Homework: Mythological creature collage "sketch" due next week. Blog: Dream boyfriend/girlfriend collage.

Apr 6--Homework: Final mythological creature due next week. Blog: 5 animal observational drawings

Apr 13--In class: 5 concept-based silhouettes Homework: 6-9 final sketches due next week for final pieces Blog: 25 inspirational list

Apr 20--Homework: Work on final pieces & redos. No blog assignment.

Apr 27--Homework: Work on final pieces & redos. No blog assignment.

Your last day of class is next week! Bring in printouts of all homework assignments (and if you missed some blog assignments & are going to do them, post redos by this day)
If you redo any of your assignments, bring in your original printout AND your redo printout.

The site I talked about in class for photo reference is or

Good luck to you all, and see you next tuesday!

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