Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ideas for Projects

Just thought I'd throw a few ideas out there for those of you that are having trouble figuring out what you'd like to do--

First off, if any of the particular projects we had interested you, you can always delve deeper and do a continuation--like what Xanthe was talking about in class with her Baltimore Shi-shi dogs. Or if you liked the mythology project, you could do another one involving drawing mythological creatures

Redesigns of bookcovers for 2-3 classic or favorite books (with your own twist)

2-3 illustrations done in your own style based off a favorite/classic story

A more fine-arts project, like individualized portraits of your friends (trying to incorporate more than just their looks into their portraits, like the nontraditional self portrait project)

1 page of character designs, and one page of environments for the character (or the finalized character in an environment)

Album or CD covers or posters for a band you're interested in

Picking 2-3 news stories and doing editorial illustrations for them

Exploring one of the techniques we've used in more depth-- like photography with drawing (maybe digitally drawing tattoos or combining artwork with tasteful nudes?) or using adobe illustrator (logo designs for made-up companies?)

Tarot or horoscope drawings with a theme & in your style

Food portraits?

Don't make things too hard on yourself though...I've been noticing people have been getting kind of complicated with their ideas, so just try to pare things down a bit and make sure you're not killing yourself. :)

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