Sunday, April 18, 2010


1. identity
2. camp counselor
4. Routines (bathroom)
5. school scene
6. sleep overs
7. camp outs
8. crowds
9. child fantasy
10. carnival
11. magic tricks
12. hot summer days
13. public pools
14. birthday parties
15. puberty
16. 4th of july weekend
17. beach
18. shopping
19. pupet shows
20. baking
21. halloween
22. christmas
23. movie theater
24. dating
25. collecting box tops

I really like the idea of creating a comic strip, a series of small panels. The two i like most so far around this idea is idea #4 (bathroom routines) and idea # 25 (box tops). but i am not a hundred percent sure so far. So for the box top idea i was thinking of making a story line about a little boy who is basically eating breakfast and he notices the back of the box advertising what he thinks to be this giant robot that shoots lasers and has cool awesome powers excited about this idea he rushes to buy hundred of boxes of cereal so he can get the proof of purchase seals and when he gets the prize it is this disappointing tiny toy that does nothing. and i want to do some somwehere between 5-10 small panels conveying this idea. I was thinking that i would keep most of these panels black and white with the exception of one color (or patterns) used repeatedly through out the story.


Kali Ciesemier said...

Hey Elizabeth, I appreciate the humor but I feel like the idea would get worn out in 5-10 small comics..I'd prefer if you focused on 2 or 3 main illustrations instead of a bunch of little comics so you could do color with them and work on making those big ones great. What if you used some of your comic ideas in the 2-3 illustrations? You could do "signs of puberty" or childhood activities with a humorous twist-- like this kid on top of a pile of cereal boxes with a tiny robot. That way you can think of 2 or 3 really good ideas (and they can be funny). How does that sound?

elizabeth Beasley said...

ok you have a point ^_^ okey dokey ill get working on that thank you

bouma said...

i love your list elizabeth. it reminds me a lot of summertime and fun!

very nostalgic.