Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My List (25)

1. album art
2. muscle cars
3. macabre
4. deserts
5. rednecks
6. cosmetics
7. cacti
8. advertising
9. pin ups
10. film noir
11. eros
12. cigarettes
13. trucks
14. urban legends
15. 3D Illustration
16. beaches
17. abandoned houses
18. hippies
19. truckers
20. mythical creatures
21. rock n roll music
22. punk culture
23. digital painting
24. logo design
25. charicature


Kali Ciesemier said...

Remember, you have to explain your project idea in addition to the list so I can sign off on it. :) (personally, I think it'd be cool if you incorporated sculpted work like you did in the last assignment)

Kelsey Sunday said...

Since several of these are music-related, maybe you could do illustrations for an album cover-- i.e. front, back, and insert? I agree with Kali that you should do something sculpted, but probably less complicated, for the sake of your sanity.

Lexi M. Damico said...

ok, i was thinking of doing the album art, im not sure how i could add the sculpted element to it, but I'll have to do some sketching. It's going to be two covers for two different hard rock albums. My boyfriend is going to "pretend" to be my client and is explaining what he wants the album art to look like. It's kind of like a professional practice thing, but i've been working with him, and ideas he pitches I suggest how to make them better. I got an idea for a sculpture, I'm going to sketch it now :-)