Friday, May 7, 2010


Have fun everyone with summer!! I miss you guys already! Keep on drawing!


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Have a Great Summer Everyone!

It was lovely having you all in class, keep in touch! Feel free to email anytime. :)

Good luck next year!! Have fun this summer!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Some of Examples

These are the examples of original pieces about Michael killing a Dragon.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Important Info for Tuesday! And some of my work, for a change!

Here's a copy of the email I sent to all of you, in case you missed it:

Hey everyone! I was just sent an email by the Illustration dept saying that I need to collect samples of all your work next week (digital samples mind you, not originals, don't worry!)

I need 3 examples of your best work, whatever you think those pieces are.
Here is a breakdown of what I need:

• a CD with the student's name and the name of the class on it
• three JPEGs for each student with the file name in this format: FirstName_LastName_something to identify the photo.jpg (eg. Erin_Gleeson_tree.jpg)
• the images should be placed in a folder with the folder name in this format: CourseNameSpring10_InstructorsLastName (eg. DigitalAsIllustrationSpring10_Ciesemier)
• 300 dpi

SO, bring in this CD to give to me with your 3 best pieces, AND bring in all the print outs of your work to put up on the wall, like we discussed before.

Sorry to add another thing to your to-do list, but hopefully this shouldn't take long, since we've been working digitally all semester and don't have paintings to scan or anything. Thanks guys! Have a good weekend!

ALSO, it's the end of the semester and since we always talk about YOUR work, I figured I'd share some of the work I've been doing recently. :) These are just some recent highlights.

Lately I've had a lot of girly-type assignments, which has been fun because usually I do a lot of business-type work! I did these illustrations for Pregnancy Magazine about unrealistic examples of post-baby celebrity weightloss:

This lady was for the LA Times-- it was a really quick turnaround, 4 days total for sketching AND the final, so I'm happy with how it turned out. It was for a feature by Carmandy from What Not to Wear, about the trends in spring makeup! Yup, pretty girly.

This 4 page comic (I did the lettering for the title, but not the text) was for Muse magazine-- a kid's magazine, and it's a Okanagan Native American myth about how Coyote got his name. I don't usually get animals in my assignments, so this was a fun challenge. They also requested that I draw it in a pacific-northwesterny style, to match with the myth's origins (think totem poles)

Sometimes it's tough to have enough creative juices left to do personal artwork when you're drawing all the time for a living, but it's easier when you've got a schedule and a group! I was asked to be a part of the Picture Book Report,, a group of illustrators who pick one of their favorite books and do an illustration based on it each month, for a year, for fun. This is the end of our third month, and there's a ton of great art on there already! I just put up my piece for this month today, my book is Sabriel, one of my favorite novels when when I was younger. It's an adventure/horror/ fantasy story, which is a genre I don't get a chance to illustrate much!

And that's that. See you on Tuesday!

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I keep messing with stuff but it's just making me frustrated... I've been trying to find that cool gradient thing that Aaron used when he gave us the tutorial. Does anyone know how to do it/where it is? Thanks.


Monday, April 26, 2010


Wow, time flies! It's already the end of the semester!
I made a timeline for you guys so you know what we did and when we did it, in case you need to organize your stuff!

Jan 19-- 1st class, Homework: Noun/Verb sketch due next week. Blog: Favorite food in Photoshop.

Jan 23-- Homework: Noun/Verb final due next week. Blog: Room thumbnails

Feb 2-- In class: Add texture to Noun/Verb final. Homework: Sketches for Valentines Zoo/Aquarium event poster due next week. Blog: 8 Tone sketches

Feb 9-- SNOW DAY Blog Assn: Favorite pet experiment in Illustrator

Feb 16-- Homework: Final Valentines poster due next week. Blog: Pick 2 proverbs and draw them.

Feb 23-- In class: B&W "Mysterious Happenings in Room 13". Homework: Shakespeare Sketches due next week. Blog: 5 hands, 5 minutes, 5 diff. mediums

Mar 2-- Homework: Another week to work on Shakespeare sketching/coloring. Blog: 15 blind contours

Mar 9-- In class: Shakespeare Spot. Homework: Shakespeare final, due after Spring Break. No blog assn!


Mar 23-- Homework: Non-traditional self portrait due next week. Blog: 3 traditional self portraits

Mar 30-- Homework: Mythological creature collage "sketch" due next week. Blog: Dream boyfriend/girlfriend collage.

Apr 6--Homework: Final mythological creature due next week. Blog: 5 animal observational drawings

Apr 13--In class: 5 concept-based silhouettes Homework: 6-9 final sketches due next week for final pieces Blog: 25 inspirational list

Apr 20--Homework: Work on final pieces & redos. No blog assignment.

Apr 27--Homework: Work on final pieces & redos. No blog assignment.

Your last day of class is next week! Bring in printouts of all homework assignments (and if you missed some blog assignments & are going to do them, post redos by this day)
If you redo any of your assignments, bring in your original printout AND your redo printout.

The site I talked about in class for photo reference is or

Good luck to you all, and see you next tuesday!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

hi friends

check out paolo ventura's winter stories. i am really enthralled with the colors and atmosphere of his photos (illustrations? maybe! in some ways.)
and these may be something fun for you to look at

(p.s. the above photos get cut off which kind of ruins it and i suck at blogs but
you can explore for yourself and i think it will be worth it!)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

blogger is being weird and only showing one comment for the recent posts, but I've posted a response to your comment Kali. check it out with my old post.

Illustration final ARGGH

So! Still kind of not sure what I'm doing, but I have at least some ideas to throw out there. While I wanted to initially do a comic (and still kinda really want to do) I'm not sure I'd be able to get a successful concept together for a 2-3 page comic. Anyway, all the ideas I have for comics right now are either 1 page or ideas spanning volumes, so probably not.
I do know that I want to experiment more with digital painting, character designs, and environments, so I'm considering doing a mini "proposal", as if for a tentative comic, animation, video game, etc with character designs and one or two scenes( and maybe a comic page or two depending on what I would be proposing). I'd really like to base it off of one of my longer original ideas, but I'm not sure if this would be suitable for the assignment, based on the other discussions about original concepts/stories/characters. I have a few undeveloped original concepts that I wouldn't mind messing around with, but it's pretty easy for an original concept to actually suck so yeah.
So is original stuff ok for this assignment? Would it depend on the quality of the original concept in question or should I just base it off of an earlier assignment?

Monday, April 19, 2010

gosh! I thought I'd posted this yesterday!! aahh, I guess I just thought about it so hard I convinced myself that I had. -____- LAME, eh? anyway, I've decided to continue on with the shakespeare project, kinda. except, this time I'm making digitally painted papercuts that stack-up kinda into an interactive poster of sorts. Let me clarify: it's a little bit of a mix between paper dolls and those magazine adds where you can pick an outfit by choosing hair styles, tops, bottoms, and shoes by flipping through a series of photos. Essentially, I picked a play with LOTS of characters and their heads will be "flippable" while the bodies are static?! Anyway, I'm going to design a couple characters and see how that goes.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


1. identity
2. camp counselor
4. Routines (bathroom)
5. school scene
6. sleep overs
7. camp outs
8. crowds
9. child fantasy
10. carnival
11. magic tricks
12. hot summer days
13. public pools
14. birthday parties
15. puberty
16. 4th of july weekend
17. beach
18. shopping
19. pupet shows
20. baking
21. halloween
22. christmas
23. movie theater
24. dating
25. collecting box tops

I really like the idea of creating a comic strip, a series of small panels. The two i like most so far around this idea is idea #4 (bathroom routines) and idea # 25 (box tops). but i am not a hundred percent sure so far. So for the box top idea i was thinking of making a story line about a little boy who is basically eating breakfast and he notices the back of the box advertising what he thinks to be this giant robot that shoots lasers and has cool awesome powers excited about this idea he rushes to buy hundred of boxes of cereal so he can get the proof of purchase seals and when he gets the prize it is this disappointing tiny toy that does nothing. and i want to do some somwehere between 5-10 small panels conveying this idea. I was thinking that i would keep most of these panels black and white with the exception of one color (or patterns) used repeatedly through out the story.

Inspirational List by Alice

Hi, sorry this is late! I forgot this was due yesterday.

Some of these things terrify me.
1.) Spaces
2.) Clutter of commodities, possessions, etc.
3.) Cuticles, nail beds, and nail-biting
4.) My little sister
5.) Interpersonal relationships
6.) Paper cut outs/Paper architecture/paper and cloth origami
7.) Still lifes
8.) Clothesline pulley system
9.) Kitchen appliances
10.) Colors and patterns
11.) Glamour/ the idea of creating and maintaining a persona
12.) Chinese culture/mythology/traditional thought
13.) (Chinese) immigration/1st+2nd generation
14.) Dim sum and chinese restaurants
15.) Kitsch
16.) animated movies
17.) Escapism
18.) Archetypes (especially tricksters or child prodigies)
19.) Hoarding
20.) Hair styles (braids)
21.) Art by an artist I like
22.) Noodles, soup, and omlettes.
23.) Mold
24.) Collecting
25.) Fights!

I don't have a proposal ready but I wanted to put this list up.
I'm thinking!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sorryyyyyyyyyy Im late : (
here are my 25 inspirational things :

1. Deserts/ sweets
2. Hair style
3. Children’s book
4. Robots
5. Superheroes
6. Fashion
7. Music
8. Friends
9. Nature
10. Japan
11. The internet
12. Human body
13. Christianity
14. Barbie dolls
15. Vintage things
16. Camera/photography
17. Make ups/ cosmetics
18. Romance
19. Tattoos
20. Sushi (Japanese foods)
21. Party/festivals
22. Delicate line illustrations
23. Faces (expressions)
24. Night
25. Shoes
Nooooooooooooooooo, I'm late. I'm sorry.
25 Inspirational things:
1. Nighttime
2. The supernatural
3. Myths/legends/folktales
4. Sleep
5. Action (fighting, combat, battles, etc.)
6. Music
7. Books
8. Simplicity
9. Complexity
10. Pain
11. Learning
12. Architecture
13. Solitude
14. Nature
15. Foreign cultures
16. Movement/animation
17. Masks
18. History
19. Traditions/traditional things
20. The surreal
21. Artwork/artists that I admire
22. Concept art
23. Food
24. Characters/Characterization
25. The everyday good stuff

I know some of them are broad or contradict each other (like 8 and 9...yep.), but really, I can be inspired by anything at different times and such. Which I guess you can say for anyone, but...well...I don't know, it makes sense to me.
Anyway. My proposal.
I want to do a triptych about an old man in his study. I want him surrounded by books and scripts and tools of learning(quills, abacus, things like that). With the series of pictures, I want to illustrate both how time passes him by, and how he passes his time in his quiet little isolation. In one way, I guess I'm trying to show his own private little world to the viewer. It'll make more sense in the sketches though...
Let me know how this sounds, or if you need more explaining for anything. :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

baaah, i know this is kinda late, but I'm just totally clueless about what to do for the i was avoiding it. :( anyway, i know i need to keep it simple because of time! without further ado: list!


ok so here goes:
  1. movies
  2. pirates
  3. vikings
  4. guitars
  5. bagpipes
  6. smoking pipes
  7. top hats
  8. cacti
  9. dungeons and dragons
  10. the world of warcraft
  11. the call of cthulhu , or rather, H.P. lovecraft
  12. vintage video games(tetris and pac man)
  13. dali
  14. cartoons (futurama)
  15. Celtic/ norse culture
  16. wood cuts
  17. 18th century illustrations
  18. Miyazaki
  19. Anthony Burgess
  20. Neil Gaiman
  21. Asimov
  22. Sherlock Holmes, original stories by Sir A.C. Doyle
  23. the music of steve vai
  24. British things and culture
  25. technology

So im not quite sure what to do as of yet but my idea thus far is 3 or so illustrations that coincide with the fictional world of some of my past Dungeons and Dragons groups, yes im a nerd. my thought right now is to make digital paintings of the world map in a Tolkien or world or warcraft style then have 2 more paintings that are either of much more specific landmarks in this fictional world, or of our characters doing awesome things, i.e. slayin' dragons.

this kind of map, ya know?


You must watch this.

Also, I know I keep seeming to change my idea, Kali, but I was thinking and I think you're right.... this whole comic thing is going to take too long and I want to make my final really awesome. So I am still going to use that idea with the song and the comic, but I'm just going to take 3 frames I like and use those to make 3 illustrations so I don't need to worry about all of those other frames and their placements. What do you think?


1. animals
2. Street art
3. Music
4. Surrealism
5. Science Fiction
6. Video Games
7. Propaganda Art
8. Festivals
9. Current Events
10. Urban Landscape
11. Cartoons
12. Pen and Ink drawings
13. Feminism
14. Protests/Riots
16. Technology
17. Decay
18. travel
19. architecture
20. sea/space exploration
21. Concept Art
22. comics
23. Extreme lighting
24. Extreme Perspective
25. Mythology

My idea was to illustrate Greek myths or mythological creatures in a futuristic/sci fi setting. I want to use limited color pallets in each individual illustration and for them to function as a diptych or triptych

dis is mine

i tried to avoid listing art, music, film genre etc etc etc inspirations. too obvious for me i think !! because all that stuff excites me so it'd take up all the space for other important things, like mud!

also i wrote it because focusing on all the typed lists grew difficult after awhile, and i really liked seeing everyone's thoughts.

ANYWAY proposal:

i wouldn't mind continuing my shishi dog lion buddy guardian book idea. i will do my best to learn to bind books and try to organize them all, but if that ends up ruining the image i think it will also be successful as a printed series.
but i aim for the book!
is that awright?

Some things that inspire me.

1. flat colors
2. vibrating colors
3. fashion
4. music (hip hop,rock,r&b,jazz,blues)
5. comics
6. animation
7. Takashi Murakami
8. Lesean Thomas
9. Seung kim
10. D-pi (artist)
11. inking
12. line art
13. anatomy
14. japanese woodblock prints
15. japanese pop art culture
16. graffiti
17. tattoos
18. abstract paintings
19. concept art
20. storyboards
21. cathedral fresco paintings (ceilings)
22. sculpture
23. martial arts
24. photography
25. philosophy


My 25 Inspirations and my idea for my Final Works

1) Neo Sci Fi works: This is the term that I use for the works (art, books…) that deals with modern Science-Fictions and fantasies.

2) Greek/Norse Mythology

3) Japanese Science Fiction based works: Either its manga, anime, games, visual novels, or just a cool illustrations

4) Anime

5) Manga

6) Japanese Gothic Lolita: Please don’t get a wrong Idea. I just like their styles, NOT because I’m some kind of perverted otaku

7) Swords

8) White roses

9) Wide, empty, quiet space

10) Music box

11) Rokugen Alice: My most favorite Doujinshi music circle. Most of their albums deals with dark cultism.

12) Old pocket watches

13) Night

14) Otherworld theories: Anything that deals with Reality Marble, Spontaneous Generation, Parallel World, or Netherworld Dark

15) Study of Afterlife

16) Angels, Demons, Spirits, and etc

17) Cthulhu Mythos

18) Parents’ Advice: There’s NOTHING inspiring than the Advice of our parents

19) Bible verses
20) Personal Fantasies: All people have their ideal world, but let us be careful NOT to confuse between Phantasm and Reality :-)

21) Sketchbook no.0 and 1 : My personal notebooks

22) Reflecting myself: Reflecting all the realities and fantasies that I faced is what inspires my works (Kinda like a mirror for myself) J

23) My sister

24) A.S Genesis

25) J.S: My most special person

*I been thinking how to utilize my created character. So for my final project, I decided make a book cover for the story of the character that I made. With good background with my character on the front.
*As for my second work. I like to make another Self Portrait (Still need to do more thinking about it). I got a lot of good inspirations from the works done by HR Giger..

To Kali: My character, A.S Genesis was the character that was on my Shakespeare work (I should told you this during that critique. Still I’m going to make more enhancement on him J).It’s just a reminder for my final Critic.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


1. sci fi
2. Lady GaGa
3. retro patterns
4. cephalopods
5. androgyny
6. b-movies
7. music
8. high heels
9. strippers
10. robots
11. cats
12. opposites
13. mythology
14. ancient history
15. mutants
16. posters
17. the 80s
18. concept art
19. makeup
20. costumes
21. superheroes
22. animals with horns/antlers
23. peaches
24. video games
25. high fashion

SO I was thinking of either making 2/3 illustrations for one of my favorite books, Lost Souls by Poppy Z. Brite, or developing a superhero character and doing 2 covers for the comic they would star in and maybe a page of my character development stages.

Oh my goodness

I am almost sure I want to do this, (but now I feel like I'm stealing Kate's idea, LOL D: ), OK, SO, I love this song by Shiny Toy Guns, and as I was trying to figure out what exactly I wanted to do for the final, I noticed Major Tom by Shiny Toy Guns is like, PERFECT for a narrative/comic/thing. Plus it's one of my favorite songs by my favorite band. (woooooo!) I did some really quick sketches on the song. I'm only going to do the part before the chorus, (3 pages). Tell me what you think!

The Song.


(Edit: Sorry about that! Is that better?)

Inspiriation and Ideas

1. Lady Gaga
2. Music (all kinds, but a lot of intense orchestral pieces)
3. Anything magical
4. My friends
5. Webcomics (I like regular comics too, but the “still improving” stage of most webcomics is inspiring)
6. Fashion
7. Large bodies of water
8. Falling snow
9. Character development/design (I like both… Anything having to do with characters)
10. Horoscopes/Zodiac
11. The sound of nature (in the woods, by a lake, etc.)
12. Personalities
13. Shrinky Dinks
14. Video games (Starfox, Pokemon, Okami, etc.)
15. The beach
16. Books
17. Nostalgia
18. Figure Skating
19. Earth tones and neons (very different but I like both)
20. Ghosts/Monsters
21. Happiness/Joy
22. Old photos
23. Boats, buoys, all things floating in deep water (they scare me, but I'm fascinated by them)
24. Miyazaki
25. Adventures/Journeys

Alright... I had a few ideas but none of which I was completely sure of, and I was having a tough time figuring out what I wanted to do.
Then I saw what Kali posted, and now I want to design a character for a Capricorn based on all the cheesy crap that the horoscope writers publish. I would do the one page character designs, and one page character in the environment. As far as the character design page goes, should I be showing all the designs I came up with? Or just a character sheet of the actual one I went with? I'm assuming the first? Cuz I don't wanna hand in a page that looks like poo XD

Ideas for Projects

Just thought I'd throw a few ideas out there for those of you that are having trouble figuring out what you'd like to do--

First off, if any of the particular projects we had interested you, you can always delve deeper and do a continuation--like what Xanthe was talking about in class with her Baltimore Shi-shi dogs. Or if you liked the mythology project, you could do another one involving drawing mythological creatures

Redesigns of bookcovers for 2-3 classic or favorite books (with your own twist)

2-3 illustrations done in your own style based off a favorite/classic story

A more fine-arts project, like individualized portraits of your friends (trying to incorporate more than just their looks into their portraits, like the nontraditional self portrait project)

1 page of character designs, and one page of environments for the character (or the finalized character in an environment)

Album or CD covers or posters for a band you're interested in

Picking 2-3 news stories and doing editorial illustrations for them

Exploring one of the techniques we've used in more depth-- like photography with drawing (maybe digitally drawing tattoos or combining artwork with tasteful nudes?) or using adobe illustrator (logo designs for made-up companies?)

Tarot or horoscope drawings with a theme & in your style

Food portraits?

Don't make things too hard on yourself though...I've been noticing people have been getting kind of complicated with their ideas, so just try to pare things down a bit and make sure you're not killing yourself. :)


1. My friends! Endless sources of support/ideas.

2. Human relationships; similarly, love, but only other people’s/fictitious love

3. The human figure, esp. exaggerated

4. Deer/antelope/related animals

5. Philosophy/religion, esp. debate/discussion regarding those things. The human psyche.

6. Crazy patterns/lines

7. Insects! Moths/butterflies, beetles, dragonflies. I used to be into entomology. Still am tbh, but no time/space.

8. Music, especially longer songs that build up intensely, narratives, bands that are just enjoying life (uh, Polysics)

9. Books! I like things like House of Leaves and Good Omens, which have nothing to do with each other OR DO THEY

10. Comic books, esp. cheesy campy superheroes / crazy artsy things

11. My experience w/ chronic illness – as maybe 70% of you know I have chronic Lyme disease and it’s, uh, well, really terrible sometimes, but I never run out of fodder for art, and I don’t want to go on forever but near-death experiences were involved so it taught me all those cheesy lessons like Enjoy Life and Take Care of Yourself and such. Even though I forget anyway.

12. Separately, human health/medicine etc. (I like drawing bandages/bruises/cuts/eyepatches)

13. Living vicariously – through video game ‘lives’ (“well my real life is terrible but I caught all the pokemon/have a gigantic farm/unlocked all the weapons/saved the universe”), my own characters, and movies/comics/etc. Escapism.

14. Humor of various sorts… satire, right-out ridiculousness, dark/almost-sad, etc

15. Pretty colors- I tend to go for rich and saturated, but muted colors can be gorgeous too

16. Being out in nature. As long as I have bug spray. See 11. Ticks don't count as insects so they should all die

17. Cute thingssss

18. Character design- despite not spending very much time on it anymore, it’s something I’d like to get into

19. My Little Ponies (or maybe just childhood/nostalgia)

20. Animation, especially Disney movies—I know I’m supposed to consider them Corporate Evil or whatever but I just can’t.

21. Retro children’s books/things in that style (like Tiny Kitten Teeth)

22. Surprises/the unexpected

23. Artist’s books, especially the more user-friendly, still-a-book sort. Children’s things like pop-up books, also.

24. Other languages, especially German

25. My high school art teacher who has MS and is the most positive, caring, motivating person ever

So I was thinking I want to do a series of children’s book illustrations, maybe involving papercut again, because I enjoyed that project and think it’s a pretty appropriate aesthetic. I’m going to write a really simple story that can be understood without the text- and although there might be space for text, I'm probably not going to put it in, because Typography Is Hard and I know nothing about it and I'm just asking for trouble.

I’m guessing it will involve an adorable antelope and weird/pretty insects (maybe it’s like a Learn About Bugs book with a [geographically appropriate- probably going to be in Brazil or Madagascar or somewhere in Africa, places with cool insects, I have to research] deer/other animal bug-hunter). I’m wondering if it could involve a 3-dimensional (like popups or moving tabs, yknow, children’s book stuff) element too, but I don’t want to overcomplicate things, so I’ll sketch it without that first to gauge my time, etc. I know that sort of thing can be really time-consuming. I can certainly work humor, surprises, etc into the narrative as well.

List and Tentative final suggestions

  1. Japan
  2. Comics (A lot of Manga, Eyeshield 21, Banana Fish, Webcomics, Goodbye Chains, Hark! A Vagrant, The Abominable Charles Christopher, Rice Boy, etc, European Comics)
  3. Video Games(Mega man, Okami, Metal Gear Solid, Golden Sun, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts)
  4. Tubes, Sci-fi aesthetics
  5. Guts, visceral-ness,
  6. The human body
  7. Retro colors and style
  8. Dolls
  9. Cowboys, Western aethetics
  10. Mythology
  11. Franz Ferndinand
  12. Music in general (Muse, Vocaloids, Jpop/rock, Kpop, Lady Gaga, Saint Saens, a never ending list of random stuff)
  13. Characters, the idea of a character and an individual
  14. Nature, landscapes
  15. Oldschool or uniquely styled anime,( i.e. Kaiji, Speed Grapher, Kaiba, Tezuka’s stuff, Princess Tutu, to name a few)
  16. Weird animals; Okapis, Pangolins, etc,
  17. Gay men and/or gay robots
  18. Disney
  19. The internet
  20. Fetal themes
  21. Romance
  22. A large variety of Illustrators( Kay Nielson, Takato Yamamoto, Tomer Hanuka, James Jean, to mention a few people are familiar with)
  23. A Clockwork Orange
  24. Dualities and pairs
  25. DESU

Kinda broad and a little bit dumb but it'll do. I wanted to do a comic inspired by a song but I don't wanna steal Ace's idea. Either way I'm probably going to do a comic. Looking at my inspirations, I should do something gritty and dark or retro and bright, or a combo? As for content though, I have no idea.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Maquette Tutorial

Hey guys, just thought I'd post the link for the maquette tutorial I mentioned in class. It's probably more extreme than anything anyone needs to do for this class, but it still has some good tips and a good way to go about making maquettes! Have at it.

The artist, Peter Konig, makes really cool maquettes for a ton of stuff. He designs monsters for a lot of movies, including Enchanted(the dragon) and Cloverfield.

My List (25)

1. album art
2. muscle cars
3. macabre
4. deserts
5. rednecks
6. cosmetics
7. cacti
8. advertising
9. pin ups
10. film noir
11. eros
12. cigarettes
13. trucks
14. urban legends
15. 3D Illustration
16. beaches
17. abandoned houses
18. hippies
19. truckers
20. mythical creatures
21. rock n roll music
22. punk culture
23. digital painting
24. logo design
25. charicature

Can you say "Illustrators Illustrating with Adobe Illustrator" 3 times fast?

Hey peeps! Does anybody know some illustrators who use Adobe Illustrator? I just wanted some more examples of Illustrator work but was having trouble finding anyone specifically on the internet. Thanks!!

I Have an Idea!

I just need to know if it's a good one or not.

This is my list of things that inspire me...

Sooooo, I've narrowed it down a little and combined a few things. This is my idea:

A digitally painted piece based on a poem with fantasy-like creatures in place of animals, (if there are any), and the people would be wearing outragously unique clothing. It would be made into a small 2-3 pg. comic perhaps but more detailed than your average comic.

Tell me what you think!!!



P.S. Mike Mignola just redesigned and updated his site with new work! Soooo sweet.

THE TIME IS NOW! Your final assignment is due the last day of class May 4th, you have 3 weeks to work on it.
Your final assignment is 2 or 3 final pieces that go together in some way. Basically, I want you to choose what kind of assignment you’d like to do. 3 band posters, 2 editorial illustrations, 2 comic pages, 3 kids book illustrations, whatever! You can use “digital illustration” in whatever way you like. Maybe you want to digitally paint more, or traditionally paint and use photocollages as reference, or use illustrator, whatever we’ve learned here, you have your choice of using. Your final does NOT have to be all-digital. Doing 2 illustrations really well is fine, but taking on 3 or more is great too, depending on what you have in mind.

So next Tuesday I want at least 3 nice sketches for each of your 2-3 pieces. So that’s AT LEAST 6 sketches if you're doing 2 illustrations, or 9 if you're doing 3. When you sketch remember to put in BACKGROUNDS and composition, figure out all that stuff now instead of later. You guys kinda fell off track with the sketches for your Shakespeare assignment, but you really don’t have the time to do that with this assignment. This is your last assignment, and you have 2-3 pieces to do, plus any redos of other work.

SO, your blog assignment for this week will help you decide what you want your final project to be, and remember this time it is due by THIS FRIDAY NIGHT:
I want you to make a list of 25 things that inspire you. Use that list to help figure out what you want your finals to that list and your idea for your finals by this Friday night, the 16th. If you need help you can email me or post on the blog to get people’s opinions, I'll be happy to talk with you.
That is your only blog assignment this week. I want you to turn it in by Friday so I have a chance to look at everyone’s ideas and let you know if you need to change something before class on Tuesday.

You don’t have to draw anything for the blog, so I want to see some great sketches in class next week. This is the final assignment to blow me away with! Aaron Yamada Hanff will be doing a digital painting demo in class next week, and if there’s any time left you’ll be working in class.

Have a good week guys!