Wednesday, April 14, 2010


P.S. Mike Mignola just redesigned and updated his site with new work! Soooo sweet.

THE TIME IS NOW! Your final assignment is due the last day of class May 4th, you have 3 weeks to work on it.
Your final assignment is 2 or 3 final pieces that go together in some way. Basically, I want you to choose what kind of assignment you’d like to do. 3 band posters, 2 editorial illustrations, 2 comic pages, 3 kids book illustrations, whatever! You can use “digital illustration” in whatever way you like. Maybe you want to digitally paint more, or traditionally paint and use photocollages as reference, or use illustrator, whatever we’ve learned here, you have your choice of using. Your final does NOT have to be all-digital. Doing 2 illustrations really well is fine, but taking on 3 or more is great too, depending on what you have in mind.

So next Tuesday I want at least 3 nice sketches for each of your 2-3 pieces. So that’s AT LEAST 6 sketches if you're doing 2 illustrations, or 9 if you're doing 3. When you sketch remember to put in BACKGROUNDS and composition, figure out all that stuff now instead of later. You guys kinda fell off track with the sketches for your Shakespeare assignment, but you really don’t have the time to do that with this assignment. This is your last assignment, and you have 2-3 pieces to do, plus any redos of other work.

SO, your blog assignment for this week will help you decide what you want your final project to be, and remember this time it is due by THIS FRIDAY NIGHT:
I want you to make a list of 25 things that inspire you. Use that list to help figure out what you want your finals to that list and your idea for your finals by this Friday night, the 16th. If you need help you can email me or post on the blog to get people’s opinions, I'll be happy to talk with you.
That is your only blog assignment this week. I want you to turn it in by Friday so I have a chance to look at everyone’s ideas and let you know if you need to change something before class on Tuesday.

You don’t have to draw anything for the blog, so I want to see some great sketches in class next week. This is the final assignment to blow me away with! Aaron Yamada Hanff will be doing a digital painting demo in class next week, and if there’s any time left you’ll be working in class.

Have a good week guys!

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