Monday, April 5, 2010

Dream boyfriend?

Fail is fail.

I can't put my finger on what exactly is wrong with it though...oh well. Can anyone figure it out?

Anyhow, that'd be my dream boyfriend, I suppose, haha.


A couple of quick fixes, so I'm not too proud, but I think it's at least a little better than the first one. It DOES look better without the books at least :)


Michelle said...

that would be a pretty awesome guy, but perhaps you can make the images a little more harmonious? (everything is very definite and separate...) a background would be nice. :)

Alexa said...

Yeah maybe....let's hope I have some more time to work on it before tommorrow XD

Andrew . S said...

The composition of this work looks great. To make this work better, I suggest to erase the book since the figure and the PS2 alone looks great and tells a whole story.

Alexa said...

Yeah the books do look kinda funny. Maybe it doesn't need to have them.

Kelsey Sunday said...

Yeah, the books don't fit as much because the ps2 is close to being in silhouette but they aren't. Some more depth would be nice, too, like a suggestion of a wall and/or floor. Or put him in space. You know. W/e.