Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nezha the Conquerer

I felt like I didn't really give enough information about what I was doing with my project last class and my sketch was really just a small sketch without a composition, so I went home and worked on it some more and this is what I've got! ( For some reason the images I upload on Blogger are put at the begining of the post.)
The first thumbnail is a picture of Nezha with the dragon on a spear, the second one is with a different layout of the dragon, the third one is with his four other hands-but it doesn't really make sense without his two other heads- which brings us to the last one.
Which dragon layout looks better? Are the hands working for you? I know the V-ictory hand sign is a bit cheesy but I don't know what else to put in. How are the expressions on the other faces (The left face is sticking his tongue out at the dragon's head)? Should I include the hands+faces?
I decided that I want to sculpt his flesh and the dragon's head and collage photographs of them with digital painting.
Also, if anyone is interested. There's this chinese animated film about Nezha I used to watch as a kid that I found on Youtube (with silly dubbed voices). Enjoy!


Kali Ciesemier said...

Hey Alice!
Great, thanks for sharing more of these! I definitely like the last one with the addition of more heads and arms! Give yourself a little more space at the top so the hand holding the ring doesn't get cut off, and watch the legs....the one leg turned to the side and raised has a much longer thigh & especially the calf. I get that he's probably bending the other one so its foreshortened, but something looks a little off (maybe if it were just a little longer, and/or the pant looked a little different at the knee). Dragon placement looks good though, I'm excited to see the final!

Alice. said...

Thanks Kali! I'll continue working on the arms and legs. What do you think of the victory sign?

Kali Ciesemier said...

I'm okay with it...but maybe you should investigate what else could be there? I like the visual interest the hands bring, what do you want to convey with them? What's the ring he's holding on the right? Maybe the left hand could hold something too or be gesturing towards the dragon?

Alice. said...

He is usually depicted with his red silk scarf, a golden hoop that can hold the universe, a spear, and wheels of fire under his feet.
i'll try to think of something else. the victory sign makes sense to me but it also seems a bit superfluous.

Noni said...

Looks awesome so far! I'd say the victory sign is a little ambiguous, cause a lot of people will think of a peace sign first. Maybe if you switched her hand around so the back was facing forward? Then it might be less of a peace sign.

Andrew . S said...

I like the progress on your work:-) (Also I enjoyed the animation).