Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's a pipe dream

Mmmm redheads.
And that gameboy too yeah thats important.

Oh, and for accuracy's sake:


Kelsey Sunday said...

kaiji looks all too happy to be serving up pancakes. i feel like he's holding them like somebody who doesn't have control of their hands would, though... aw w/e he's still beautiful.

as for the actual assignment! i like the use of shape, esp. the flat pants vs. linear body. his overalls are creeping me out though, idk. i don't like fuzzy things. i was beaten with puppies as a child.

Katherine McDermott said...

It's so out of character if I was being honest though this whole assignment would have turned into a giant fanart fest.

I'm not diggin the suspenders either but at the time it seemed like a good idea with the plaid and yay run on sentences

bouma said...

i'm a redhead i have a gameboy
love me katie love meeee

i really like the different textures you've got going on here, and the unified colors and integration of physical and drawn materials...~
i think my only problem with the suspenders are thickness and the way they follow the curve of his chest
slimmer strips or extending the buttons further outwards on his belt would help that, i think
or a subtle shadow; while 'spenders are elastic, they don't stick to form. where his nicely shaped abs go in, his suspenders would still be stuhraight