Friday, April 16, 2010


1. animals
2. Street art
3. Music
4. Surrealism
5. Science Fiction
6. Video Games
7. Propaganda Art
8. Festivals
9. Current Events
10. Urban Landscape
11. Cartoons
12. Pen and Ink drawings
13. Feminism
14. Protests/Riots
16. Technology
17. Decay
18. travel
19. architecture
20. sea/space exploration
21. Concept Art
22. comics
23. Extreme lighting
24. Extreme Perspective
25. Mythology

My idea was to illustrate Greek myths or mythological creatures in a futuristic/sci fi setting. I want to use limited color pallets in each individual illustration and for them to function as a diptych or triptych

1 comment:

Kali Ciesemier said...

Okay, that sounds will the pieces flow together when you view them side-by-side? Or just relate to each other? Either is fine, but if they flow together into one piece it's important that they can stand alone well too. Probably picking mythological characters from a myth or story that relate to each other would enrich the narrative--and since it's a future/scifi setting I want to see some sweet backgrounds!