Friday, April 16, 2010


My 25 Inspirations and my idea for my Final Works

1) Neo Sci Fi works: This is the term that I use for the works (art, books…) that deals with modern Science-Fictions and fantasies.

2) Greek/Norse Mythology

3) Japanese Science Fiction based works: Either its manga, anime, games, visual novels, or just a cool illustrations

4) Anime

5) Manga

6) Japanese Gothic Lolita: Please don’t get a wrong Idea. I just like their styles, NOT because I’m some kind of perverted otaku

7) Swords

8) White roses

9) Wide, empty, quiet space

10) Music box

11) Rokugen Alice: My most favorite Doujinshi music circle. Most of their albums deals with dark cultism.

12) Old pocket watches

13) Night

14) Otherworld theories: Anything that deals with Reality Marble, Spontaneous Generation, Parallel World, or Netherworld Dark

15) Study of Afterlife

16) Angels, Demons, Spirits, and etc

17) Cthulhu Mythos

18) Parents’ Advice: There’s NOTHING inspiring than the Advice of our parents

19) Bible verses
20) Personal Fantasies: All people have their ideal world, but let us be careful NOT to confuse between Phantasm and Reality :-)

21) Sketchbook no.0 and 1 : My personal notebooks

22) Reflecting myself: Reflecting all the realities and fantasies that I faced is what inspires my works (Kinda like a mirror for myself) J

23) My sister

24) A.S Genesis

25) J.S: My most special person

*I been thinking how to utilize my created character. So for my final project, I decided make a book cover for the story of the character that I made. With good background with my character on the front.
*As for my second work. I like to make another Self Portrait (Still need to do more thinking about it). I got a lot of good inspirations from the works done by HR Giger..

To Kali: My character, A.S Genesis was the character that was on my Shakespeare work (I should told you this during that critique. Still I’m going to make more enhancement on him J).It’s just a reminder for my final Critic.


Kali Ciesemier said...

Hey Andrew! I think I'd like both of your pieces to fit together a little better as a pair...maybe 2 scenes with your character? (in one of the scenes he could be interacting with other people or things, since you usually do pieces with just one person in them) Or you could take an existing story--like how we did with Hamlet-- and show scenes from it interpreted into your own style/ideas.

Kali Ciesemier said...

Actually, thinking about it, I'm a little wary of people just using a character of their own creation--it's harder to be objective with something you just make up. I'd be more comfortable if you based some of this project on something else as well--like I said, taking a classic story (a bible verse? a creation myth with angels/demons? Norse mythology story?) and then taking 2 or 3 scenes from that and interpreting it into your own style. You can incorporate your character into it too like you did in Hamlet, though. Does that make sense?

Andrew . S said...

You know, maybe your right. I think it will be fun to take verses or parts from Bible and other mythologies and illustrate in my own style. Thanks for such a great idea. :-)