Sunday, April 18, 2010

Inspirational List by Alice

Hi, sorry this is late! I forgot this was due yesterday.

Some of these things terrify me.
1.) Spaces
2.) Clutter of commodities, possessions, etc.
3.) Cuticles, nail beds, and nail-biting
4.) My little sister
5.) Interpersonal relationships
6.) Paper cut outs/Paper architecture/paper and cloth origami
7.) Still lifes
8.) Clothesline pulley system
9.) Kitchen appliances
10.) Colors and patterns
11.) Glamour/ the idea of creating and maintaining a persona
12.) Chinese culture/mythology/traditional thought
13.) (Chinese) immigration/1st+2nd generation
14.) Dim sum and chinese restaurants
15.) Kitsch
16.) animated movies
17.) Escapism
18.) Archetypes (especially tricksters or child prodigies)
19.) Hoarding
20.) Hair styles (braids)
21.) Art by an artist I like
22.) Noodles, soup, and omlettes.
23.) Mold
24.) Collecting
25.) Fights!

I don't have a proposal ready but I wanted to put this list up.
I'm thinking!


bouma said...

alice there are a lot of things in common between our interest lists
like a lot of things

sort of. in vague ways. i-i guess

(b but maybe i'm making that up)

anyway! judging by this list i'm excited for whatever you decide your proposal to be. (:

Kali Ciesemier said...

Hey Alice, you can always continue exporing chinese mythology in your pieces and do 2-3 pieces highlighting a particular myth that you like, or illustrating different relationships between siblings...I think you can go in a lot of directions.

Alice. said...

xanthe- yeah, i can see some similarities. your digging holes one is great! i-i should have added dirt/soil in m mine. hahahaha
i love your list.

kali- i'm considering illustrating a chinese story about a magic paintbrush. thank you for your suggestions!