Monday, April 19, 2010

gosh! I thought I'd posted this yesterday!! aahh, I guess I just thought about it so hard I convinced myself that I had. -____- LAME, eh? anyway, I've decided to continue on with the shakespeare project, kinda. except, this time I'm making digitally painted papercuts that stack-up kinda into an interactive poster of sorts. Let me clarify: it's a little bit of a mix between paper dolls and those magazine adds where you can pick an outfit by choosing hair styles, tops, bottoms, and shoes by flipping through a series of photos. Essentially, I picked a play with LOTS of characters and their heads will be "flippable" while the bodies are static?! Anyway, I'm going to design a couple characters and see how that goes.


Kali Ciesemier said...

Hey Michelle, I don't mind you continuing the shakespeare project, but you need to do something with more of a background...what about picking several of the characters and creating a little environment for each that reflects their personality?

Michelle said...

hmmm. :/ i really want to keep the interactive aspect, emphasizing how the characters are all intertwined. I understand the need for a background, though-- I woke up thinking you would bring that up, actually! :P So, I propose that the stack of characters sits on a background/scene (like, a castle/fortress, stormy flatland/cliff, jail/prison, etc) that is present but NOT the focus. I would use really understated colors/textures/movement to keep it visually interesting but not overwhelming the characters. the background would be determined by the "main character" of that particular poster: cordelia-prison; king lear-stormy flatland/cliff; etc.

Am I going overboard?!

Kali Ciesemier said...

Haha, well, it's making me wonder if it wouldn't just be easier to highlight each of these characters? If they're each going to have their own background and costume/etc.? But if you really want to have the interactive part, it sounds like you're going to print out 2 or 3 backgrounds, and then a bunch of characters, and staple/attach a stack of them to each poster so they can be swapped out? You can do it, just think about if you can achieve it all. :)