Friday, April 16, 2010

dis is mine

i tried to avoid listing art, music, film genre etc etc etc inspirations. too obvious for me i think !! because all that stuff excites me so it'd take up all the space for other important things, like mud!

also i wrote it because focusing on all the typed lists grew difficult after awhile, and i really liked seeing everyone's thoughts.

ANYWAY proposal:

i wouldn't mind continuing my shishi dog lion buddy guardian book idea. i will do my best to learn to bind books and try to organize them all, but if that ends up ruining the image i think it will also be successful as a printed series.
but i aim for the book!
is that awright?


Kelsey Sunday said...

xanthe ilu, your list is so fun~ i should get you some quality friendship bread stuff from amishland!

do your booooook it's gonna be so good

Kali Ciesemier said...

I agree--book sounds good, or prints if the book doesn't work out. How many pieces are you aiming to do? Btw, I'm charmed by the fact that your #1 is Holes, Digging. :)

bouma said...

thank you, friends.

i want to do ten to twelve as a minimum. all of my finals are due the same week (boohooffhshdf) but i think it's doable what with work time in class, too! and i am getting better at them as i go.

i think that number isn't unrealistic, anyway. ahha.