Friday, April 16, 2010


ok so here goes:
  1. movies
  2. pirates
  3. vikings
  4. guitars
  5. bagpipes
  6. smoking pipes
  7. top hats
  8. cacti
  9. dungeons and dragons
  10. the world of warcraft
  11. the call of cthulhu , or rather, H.P. lovecraft
  12. vintage video games(tetris and pac man)
  13. dali
  14. cartoons (futurama)
  15. Celtic/ norse culture
  16. wood cuts
  17. 18th century illustrations
  18. Miyazaki
  19. Anthony Burgess
  20. Neil Gaiman
  21. Asimov
  22. Sherlock Holmes, original stories by Sir A.C. Doyle
  23. the music of steve vai
  24. British things and culture
  25. technology

So im not quite sure what to do as of yet but my idea thus far is 3 or so illustrations that coincide with the fictional world of some of my past Dungeons and Dragons groups, yes im a nerd. my thought right now is to make digital paintings of the world map in a Tolkien or world or warcraft style then have 2 more paintings that are either of much more specific landmarks in this fictional world, or of our characters doing awesome things, i.e. slayin' dragons.

this kind of map, ya know?


Kali Ciesemier said...

Hey Mike, doing fantasy or mythological-based illustrations sounds good, but I think maybe basing them off of existing characters like Norse gods might be better. (it's easier to be more objective when you're not dealing with a character of your own creation)
I also think making a map might take up precious time but not have that much of a payoff...maybe just 2 or 3 illustrated scenes for a norse or other type of myth you like?

Classy Mike said...

indeed, probably for the best. i, then, plan to focus on norse myths, more specifically scenes from Ragnarok.