Monday, March 29, 2010

Three Heads

Normal pencil (I decide to use pencil first to see the change of portaits by changing medium

Oil pastels (it's my first time using one)


Kali Ciesemier said...

I like some of the softness of the oil pastels, especially around the edges! Might be worth investigating more! Did you use a photo for the last one? I'm wondering why your eyes would be closed otherwise, it would be hard to see yourself in the mirror. :)

Like I said to Jordan, there may not seem like a big difference between drawing from life and drawing from a photo, but it helps train your eye and you usually get better drawings from life because you're not dealing with the "stiffness" of photos.

Andrew . S said...

You have asked that did I used photo for my last image. The answer is NO.

Though it was indeed difficult to draw my closed eyes. As the matter in fact I haven't completely closed my eyes. I merely squinted my eyes closest I could but spaced enough to see my face (though I admit that I failed to add a faint expression while squinting)

Kali Ciesemier said...

Gotcha! I think with a squinty expression, the eye lines might be curving upward or straight, instead of downward? In any case, good to hear you didn't use a photo :)

bouma said...

I really appreciate your work in sharpie! It's such a challenging material since you can't go back and it's so thick and intense, but i think you did a really neat job. the lights were not lost.

J.Mason said...

very good work in the oil pastel.
the colors used to me are pretty subtle and it works really well. your choice of colors are pretty good for a first time use.
good work.