Wednesday, March 3, 2010


SO! Good demo, right? :)
Here's links to artists we talked about (and some we didn't):

Phil Hale (one of Jeremy's favorite painters)

John Foster

Brun Croes

Edward Kwong

Jens Claessens

Tom Scholes

Sam Weber

& here's Jeremy's site!

Remember, the final for this Shakespeare assignment is due March 23rd (I won't be seeing you on the 16th, you have spring break!)

If you have any issues with your sketches, FIX them! Now is the time. I want to see at least really nicely thought out/finalized sketches next week, or the start of your final drawing on paper, etc. Bring in your progress next week, either as digital files or on paper/whatever. You can mix media with this assignment--if you want to start out painting or charcoal drawing, or whatever you want, go for it! You do not have to do it all digitally, do not feel obligated to. (and again, it doesn't have to look like a beautiful oil painting at the end of it, there's many different ways to treat rendering and blend it with other styles.)
You will have a related class assignment next week to work on, so come prepared to work!

Blog Assignment:
15 Blind contour drawings! They don't need to take very long each--a couple minutes maybe--and feel free to do more! Remember with blind contour, you're looking at an object/person/whatever and drawing it without taking your pen off the paper or looking down at your hand/paper. The reason why this can be good is that when you're purely focused on observation you tend to notice more little details that you might miss otherwise, and don't get caught up in tricks or rules like you might if you were doing a normal observational drawing.
And they're fun to boot!

Here's a couple I did of some friends of mine when I was in school (doing portraits is the best):

I'm gonna be in California this week, so if you email me about anything I might be a little late in getting back to you...have fun and I'll see you all on Tuesday!

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bou said...

I'm so happy that we're doing blind contours, i love them so much! so liberating, makes you see differently.

have fun in california, please be careful of earthquakes! (they're coming...!)