Tuesday, March 2, 2010


ballpoint pen, tape and newspaper(looked so lame hahaha), chalk pastel, ink and coffee, markers
ahhhh i need to fix home scanner.

also uploading last weeks proverbs!(zen style!!)


Katherine McDermott said...

I'm really diggin the collage-tape-newspaper one actually, the media sort of fits the gesture of the hand, if that makes any sense. Also, beautiful line quality and shading. I'm not seeing the coffee; did you cover it up with lots of ink?

Also those proverbs are really deep and beautiful.

bouma said...

it wasn't strong coffee - it was meyercoffee(eughh) sitting on the table in front of me and was maybe like a day old so i used it. it ended up washing out the ink a lot and making it very warm, much more than water may have. but it's super subtle.

thank you!