Sunday, March 7, 2010

blind contours!

water bottle, computer wires, coffee cup [irrelevant remnant of hand]
sweatshirt draped over a chair, mouse6 drawings of pieces of coworkers/a student: a face, ian's hand, face, leg, face/shoulders; jon's hand (which has tattoos that arrre planet symbols i think?)

my leg/shoe, a camera bag, a ladder, and someone else's shoe
some guy's face! i enjoy blind contours quite a bit to be honest, although i usually overestimate my ability to fit several on a page without it become a catastrophe.

also!!! there was a worm and trojan on my flash drive after i used one of the scanners in the emac computer lab. so remember to have virus protection and all that good stuff!


Alexa said...

Hahah, somehow I knew these were yours when I was going through them :D

I really like them.

Kali Ciesemier said...

Nice details in all these, Kelsey!

Kelsey Sunday said...

I think most of our posts are identifiable, actually, which is fun. I guess it doesn't take much to clue our brains into whose work is whose.
Thanks :)

Michelle said...

i really like yours--the high level of detail and mass of lines is veerrry interesting!

also, i had the same problem with my flash drive in a mac do you protect your usb?! lots of my data was erased... :(((