Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Throw out your myspace photos & grab your art supplies, it's self-portrait time!!

Though beautiful, this does not qualify as a "Non-tradional self portrait"

Blog assignment:
3 traditional self portraits (i.e. Sitting in front of a mirror and drawing/painting observationally) from 3 different angles. Use strong lighting, it will be easier and more interesting! These don't have to take a super long time either, maybe 10 minutes each or a bit longer if you like. Notice how the light and shadow planes on your face can change drastically depending on which angle you're at.

Class assignment:
NONtraditional self portraits! This self portrait shouldn't look like your blog assignment self portraits! This self portrait is telling us more about you, and not necessarily about the way you look. Be creative with this and have fun--you can use whatever media you like!

I got most of the self portraits I showed in class from Issue 8 of IdeaFixa magazine-- you can check out their archives at (go to "outras edicoes" and click the white cover that says "self portrait")

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