Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Collage & watercolor pencils, ballpoint pen, marker on vellum (weird effects but really fun), sharpies, and the small white one is white conte and pen on vellum. The last two are both part of a larger work I did this week. So many hands, so little time.


Kelsey Sunday said...

yo dawg i herd u like hands

okay bad/oldnews internet jokes aside, these are really sweet, katie. i like that you tried collage in one, a lot of us stuck to typical media. a few of them really take on their own form, as if they're weird hand beasts.

Katherine McDermott said...

I love bad internet jokes DON'T EVER STOP. Thanks a lot though., yeah, that guy in the middle is like, a weird hand monster flexing his muscle-hands idk

Michelle said...

very nice hand gesture/poses, i like the way they contort. also, muscles! excellennnt. mixed media forever!