Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Overachievement Huuuuueeeergh! Limeade

So I have too many favorite foods and I thought I would be clever. Needless to say, I will not be attempting to digitally paint pseudo-realistic glasses of limeade for a long, long time.

On another note, limeade is really, really delicious.

-Katherine McDermott


Alice. said...

It looks so refreshing! I like the colors you used. the blue on the top and the yellowy-green help push the planes in space, but the flat brown sort of cancels out the effect.

Kelsey Sunday said...

Limeade is pretty delicious. P: Your lime looks really nice and I see why the glass took forever, haha. I do have to agree about the flat planes, though, and the shadow looks strange (but maybe that's my monitor?). Anyway, good work!

Lexi M. Damico said...

The mulberry color really brings out the crisp coolness of the limeade! im not sure if the green reflection of the lime on the table is working out though, maybe needs more rendering, but very nicely done. :-)