Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Drop is a kind of dutch licorice. not really a food food, but they say it's good for you!
(i mean not really since it has just as much salt as it does sugar, but...)

simple shapes were ridiculously weird to draw, ahahaha



katastrofik said...

Ohhh damn I love those colors. Especially that turquoise background!

Alice. said...

I like how you used the turquoise in the background as highlight/line in the actual objects.
I've never had dutch licorice, but it looks yummy.

Kelsey Sunday said...

Aw Xanthe, even your food is cute. Hey, salt's not so bad! I had low blood pressure once and they told me to eat licorice. Most delicious medicine ever.
Nice color choices, and I like how they break the frame at the bottom. c: