Monday, January 25, 2010


I love Japanese Style Beef Curry! I'm too lazy to go hunting for ingredients though :(


Kali Ciesemier said...

Mmm, curry! Yeah, it's always nicer when someone makes food for you, right? If you do go looking, sometimes the school sponsors trips to H-mart, a korean/international grocery store.

Lexi M. Damico said...

I love Japanese food, one of my favorite, very cutely drawn, like a dish of curry you;d see in a video game.

Alexa said...

Seriously wish I knew how to make curry and good rice. This picture makes me crave it.

The lines are simple, but effective. I think the careful shading is also really skillfull here.

Also completely agree with Lexi.

bou said...

yeah, the simplicity of this is really fun! perfectly appealing in that way since the focus is completely on the curry.

ahh it looks delicious!

Alice. said...

i love curry! i make this delicious eggplant and vegetable curry dish.
your illustration is very simple and clean. the little bits of highlights in the curry makes it look juicy. it might be nice to see some steam rising from it.

Kelsey Sunday said...

Yum, curry! The simplicity makes it cute. I can still definitely tell what it is. You made everyone hungry, haha.