Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Flat Colorrrrr

Hey everyone! Wow, way to participate on the blog! Keep it up! I will be trying my best to comment on your posts, but it's a first-come-first-served situation....the closer it gets to class time, the less free time I have!

So here's a recap for what's due next week:
BLOG! 5 5-minute observational sketches of your room (or room of your choice), cropped and compositioned in interesting ways. Thumbnail style! Don't forget the boundary box/rectangle! Any media you like!

CLASS! Bring your final printout (and your electronic psd of your final file) plus your sketches we looked at in class this week (and any additional ones or thumbnails you may have done--so we can see the progress from your sketch to you final). The final should use flat color, cell shading or minimal shading if you like, interesting limited color ranges, colored line. For inspirational examples of what I'm looking for, check out these fine artists that we looked at in class:

Tomer Hanuka

Jonathan Burton

Jillian Tamaki


Josh Cochran Here's some of HIS thumbnails for inspiration (click the image to see all 6):

Awesome, right? This is his blog post with his references & finals for those sketches.
Here is another good one, and here.

PLUS, he was responsible for the look & keyframes for this Mountain Dew commercial--


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Lexi M. Damico said...

His thumbnails make me feel better about my style of thumbnail sketching, scribbly and rough like mine can be! great post Kalli!