Thursday, January 28, 2010

5 5 min. sketches of my room

Thought you guys might enjoy this.



Kali Ciesemier said...

That's a great stop motion video! And it looks like it was a commercial for water? Pretty cool.
Your observational drawings are a good start, but I think it would definitely be worth it to continue practicing with them in the future. (anytime you have a couple of minutes, just sit down and sketch what you see a bit!) There's some perspective issues to work on, and it's good you're starting to explore composition but I think you can push it farther! Figure out a focus for your compositions--what do you want us to look at, what's the most important part? It's easy to put your focus in the middle--but more interesting to crop it off-center somewhere, and use composition to lead your eye to it. Diagonal lines create movement, lots of horizontal and vertical make things feel static and less interesting. Triangles are a strong compositional shape. Delacroix's "Liberty Leading the People" is a commonly used example of a great triangular composition. Keep practing! (and sometimes changing your media can help...using charcoal and focusing on shades and shapes instead of lines can help you see what's filling the space!)

aprice said...

Ok! Thanks! *starts sketching*