Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tonal Sketches

AHH... I can't tell if I did mine the right way or not D: I used Conte and I drew from life, movies, and music videos. The more linear ones are some of my first ones, and then I got the hang of it and started getting looser. Ignore the random 4 in there... I forgot to erase it out when I was piecing it together haha!

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Kali Ciesemier said...

Hey Danielle, I definitely think that last one on the right is on the right track! (and you used a range of blacks/whites in that one too). Some of your figures look a bit stiff....doing some real fast practice gestures might help. Just taking 30 seconds to sketch a figure, and doing it over and over without worrying too much about it might help loosen things up!