Sunday, February 21, 2010


I'm about to throw this computer across the room.
I had my sketch and the lines looked a lot different and then low and behold I hit some random button on accident and my sketch and lines disappeared. My lines all look like dots now. Someone said something about it possibly showing the outlines? How would I turn that off? If I save it as a jpg though then the sketch and smooth lines show up. Help please...
(p.s. I can't get a screenshot, this stupid compy. won't let me.)



Kali Ciesemier said...

Control Z? Undo undo undo? Save it and restart your computer, then open it up again? Make sure you're in Grayscale or RGB and not bitmap or something? It's difficult to pinpoint what went wrong without seeing it! You say it looks okay after you've saved it, though, so perhaps it's just something to do with the display--you could try printing it out and see if it looks okay there too. (and then you'll know that it'll look fine in the end)

aprice said...

Okay, thanks!