Thursday, February 25, 2010





Colored Pencil.



Katherine McDermott said...

I really like the middle three- those have the most dynamic positions and line quality. Plus, you did a good job foreshortening all those fingers.

It might be interesting to try a medium that relies less on line and more on shapes (i.e. painting, sculpture) so that you can mix it up a little more.

aprice said...

Thanks. And yeah! Definitely. :]

Lexi M. Damico said...

the fingers are drawn very well! You generalized any vital crease in each hand very successfully.

Kali Ciesemier said...

I do wish a couple of these were more tone based...definitely explore that more in the next assignment we have like this. The foreshortening on the colored pencil fingers is nice, I think the way the closest parts of the fingers are darkened helps with the illusion of depth. Varying the line width/darkness may be a technique you might want to play with in other drawings!

Alexa said...

The foreshortened colored pencil one is great. Impressive foreshortening. ^^