Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No Class Tonight! Blog assignment for next week!

(remember Jon Klassen? Texture+flat color? He was the co-designer on this video! Woo, illustration!)
Note: We will still have an illustrator demo and everything next week! This blog assignment is just to start to get you familiar with the program!
Whoops! MICA was conquered by the snow...but we will be back to blaze ahead next week!
(If some of you haven't posted your sketches for this week, please go ahead and post them before 4pm according to schedule)

Since we won't be meeting this week and I just KNOW you're all going to be sitting around bored in your rooms because you don't have a Digital as Illustration assignment to do, I'm going to give you a fun mini assignment to get you exploring Illustrator.

Take an hour (like you did in the first blog assignment) to explore Adobe Illustrator and draw your ideal pet. It can be anything! Have fun. This does NOT need to look like a final, this is just to practice using the tools and getting comfortable with the program. Please upload by 4pm next Tuesday. We will be getting to know illustrator in class as well next week.

ALSO, remember to bring in your sketches next week! (and if they aren't up to snuff or you're unsatisfied with them, use this time to make 'em great!)

Happy Snowday everyone! Stay safe!

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Lexi M. Damico said...

AWESOME VIDEO! so did he design the characters AND animate, or did he just do concepts an such?